The Custom Advantage

Why custom?

If you can't see your ideal boat coming out of a mold, you should consider a custom build. 

Operating a yacht that you have commissioned to be built or have built yourself is one of life's greatest  satisfactions.  

For the serious passagemaker or bluewater sailor, first hand knowledge of your boat's systems is essential.  If you built it, you know it.


Custom Advantage Marine - Steel & Aluminum yachts to suit you best

The Canadian Advantage
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Why steel?

-A steel boat is a safer, stronger and more rugged type of vessel than wood or any type of composite such as fiberglass.

-With a good design, properly built and with modern coatings technology, rust is not a concern.

-Steel, like wood, is suitable for "one off" or custom construction where fiberglass is best suited to production of large numbers of similar hulls due to the requirement for construction of a mold.

-From an environmental point of view, steel is a recyclable material and it produces less volatile organic compounds (VOC) during construction than either fiberglass or wood/epoxy.

-Steel has long been accepted as a building material for this type of boat in Europe but has been slow to gain acceptance in North America .

-The main disadvantage of steel is its weight; however, for the increasingly popular trawler yacht with a displacement hull, weight can be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.  

"Metal is an excellent structural material, terms of impact, metal can be shown via basic engineering principles and real world evidence to be better than any form of composite. If designed well, a metal boat will be beautiful, will perform well, be very comfortable, and will provide the peace of mind achieved only via the knowledge that you are aboard the safest, strongest, most rugged type of vessel possible."
-Michael Kasten at Pilothouse Online

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